Pioneers . Frontiers . Trail Blazers . 

Life of a Pioneer’s Blog is meant to offer encouragement for the women who have been called to be frontiers, front runners, trail b, and pioneers in their generation! The life of a Pioneer can be scary at times because you’re constantly thrusted into situations where there is no blue print to follow or no paved path to walk in. It's just you and the Lord taking things one step at a time to figure out what’s next. 

But after years of being in the same situation, I’ve grown to realize that the life of a Pioneer can also be an exhilarating journey with God that he has graced many of us with. Not everyone can be a pioneer and that’s okay. But for those of you that are called to leap and trust that the net will appear, my heart is to use this blog to encourage you that if you put your faith in God, he will indeed catch you every single time.⁣⁣

Say Yes to the Little Things

September 17, 2019

God, why didn't you protect me?

November 20, 2019

Resources on how to access your 3D Healing Coming Soon!!

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