Chi Alpha at Spelman College

Ever since I finished my fist year as a Chi Alpha Campus Missionary, I've had the dream to plan a Chi Alpha Campus Ministry at Spelman College! The dream became even more real when I was invited to be apart of Chi Alpha's Diversity Task. That year's task force wanted to focus on reaching Historically Black Colleges and Universities just like Spelman College. The dream became even more real after everyone in attendance took a tour of the campus. As we were praying, Isaiah 43:19 came to mind and I could envision students coming from everywhere to drink from pools of water that represented God's truth in the metaphorical wilderness called college. I'd like nothing more than to infiltrate the African American Community attending HBCU's right in Atlanta to teach them how to have an authentic relationship with Christ! 

See, I am doing a new thing!

Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?

I am making a way in the wilderness

and streams in the wasteland.

Isaiah 43:19

What you need to know about Spelman!

  • School’s Motto: “Our whole school for Christ,” “A choice to change the world”
  • Total Students: 2,137
  • Founded: April 11, 1881 by Sophia Packard and Harriet Giles who were both Baptist Missionaries from Massachusetts.
  • Ranked as the Number 1 HBCU in America

  • Spelman is a Private liberal arts historically black college (HBCU) for all females
  • Spelman is the oldest HBCU for woman in America
  • Single largest collegiate producer of African American women holding science, engineering, and mathematics doctoral degrees according to
  • Notable Alumni: Bernice King (MLK Jr.’s daughter), Stacy Abrams (2018 Democratic nominee for Georgia governor), Evelynn M. Hammonds (former Dean of Harvard College)

The Atlanta University Center Consortium

Spelman is located right next to two other HBCU’s known as Morehouse College (a HBCU for all men), and

Clark Atlanta University (HBCU for women and men). The three schools collectively make up the Atlanta

University Center Consortium. And while I know God has called me to focus my attention on Spelman, it is

my heart to recruit a team so that we can reach the other two schools as well. See the information on the

other two schools on the following pages

Morehouse College

  • School’s motto “And there was light.”
  • Total students: 2,202
  • Founded: 1867 by William Jefferson White
  • Private liberal arts historically black college for men.
  • Ranked as Number 3 HBCU in America
  • No.1 in producer of black male Rhode Scholars among HBCU’s
  • No. 1 producer of black men who receive their doctorates in the STEM fields, as well as education, the humanities, and arts.
  • Notable Alumni: Samuel L. Jackson (actor), Martin Luther King Jr. (civil rights activist), Spike Lee (film maker), Sanford D. Bishop (U.S.Congressman), Corey Herbert (celebrity physician).

Clark Atlanta

  • School’s Motto: “I’ll find a way or make one.”
  • Total students: 3, 485 (74% Female and 26% Male)
  • Founded: The consolidation of Atlanta University (founded in 1865) and Clark College (founded in 1869) took place in 1988 as a private coeducational, historically black university in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Ranked as Number 15 HBCU in America
  • Home to the Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development. It’s America’s largest, most comprehensive, academic, prostrate cancer research enterprise responsible for breakthrough investigation resulting in five patents and five patents pending.
  • Notable Alumni: Spike Lee (film maker), Ralpha Abernathy (civil rights activist), Clarence Cooper (federal judge), Mary Frances Early (the first black graduate from UGA), J. Ernest Wilkins Jr. (mathematician and nuclear scientist), W.E.B. Dubois (scholar, author, and civil rights activist). 


The Goal: To teach students attending Spelman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Action Plan: To reach the students through small groups, 1on1 discipleship, and inviting them to retreats and conferences.

Small Groups

Join a small group a be apart of a brotherhood and sisterhood focused on reading the word together and doing life together! Small groups are designed to give students a place to have interactive discussions and talk about how to apply the word to their daily lives!

1on1 Discipleship

Ever felt like you had too many questions and not anyone around to provide answers to those questions regarding your faith, the bible, or just how to navigate college life well! The staff want to help you more than just survive, but thrive in your faith, school, and relationships with your peers and family!

Fall Retreats and Conferences!

Fall Retreats and conferences provide students with a break from the business of school and opportunities to have fun with their friends and encounter God in a new way! Sutdents may come as strangers but you'll always leave with new family! 

Areas of Mission

After focusing on the action plans, I'd like to focus on implementing these four areas of missions as well including the following:

Reach the Lost:

There are lost students all over our country that need to hear the gospel.

Protect the Investment of our Christian Youth:

Students need genuine discipleship. I want to create a space for students to do more than just survive but thrive in their faith while in college. 

Teach students their Identity and Healing are found in Christ:

I want to help students turn to God to find their healing and celebrate how God uniquely made them.

Raising up future leaders of America to be Christ Followers first:

I want to provide students with Christ centered leadership and train them up to lead out of their relationship with Christ.